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Cœur de Kaolin is the name of the natural crop protection system developed by Agri Synergie and its partner SOKA. In addition to an approved product based on anhydrous Kaolin, it comes with advice for use, application recommendations and local signage aimed at the riverside population.

To this day, the Cœur de Kaolin system has been extended to arboriculture and vine growing as well as to scented plants for the control of certain key pests (flies, leafhoppers, aphids, psyllids, etc.).

An R&D approach


The BAÏKAL and SOKALCIARBO bio-control products, at the heart of the Cœur de Kaolin device, made in Brittany (côtes d’Armor – FR), were born from a joint reflection between the R&D department of Agri Synergie and SOKA, a producer of kaolin for industry.

They gave birth to a product derived from primary kaolin, the result of a complex purification process. This process has made it possible to separate the different minerals, to ensure the removal of undesirable elements such as quartz or micas, and to obtain a final product of exceptional purity. Finally, it is rendered anhydrous, giving the product its properties of adhesiveness, transparency and miscibility, which are essential for agricultural use.

BAIKAL AND SOKALCIARBO are registered products, their efficacy and safety
for humans and the environment are officially proven.

One product and a triple action

A preventive insect repellent action, with proven effectiveness

By forming a thin white film on the surface of the plant,
the product of the Cœur de Kaolin system creates a natural mineral
insect repellent barrier that protects crops through three mechanisms:

Visual confusion

The extreme whiteness of the product applied to the plant disturbs pests in tracking and locating host plants.

Mechanical constraints

The particles of the product are rough patches that hinder the pest’s movements on the plant.

Imbalance in the development cycle

The application of the product to the plant disrupts the pest cycle by interfering with their feeding and egg-laying.

The Cœur de Kaolin product is marketed under the brands Baikal and Sokalciarbo (N°AMM 2100038).


Support and service to ensure efficiency.

With its strong experience, Agri Synergie provides farmers with essential advice to optimise the effectiveness of the products. This approach is even more preponderant for an original mode of action. From the preparation to the methods of application of Coeur de Kaolin solutions, through recommendations for use, Agri Synergie provides the technical and practical information essential for maximum effectiveness of natural crop protection.


Prevention is better than cure.

Citizens are increasingly sensitive to health and environmental issues.
Whether they are distributors, suppliers or farmers, professionals in the agricultural world have every interest in explaining their approach to the general public, particularly to local residents. This is all the more necessary since social networks can sometimes spread unverified information. This approach to transparency is even more necessary when a winery, orchards or perfume plant crops are committed to an input reduction programme.

It is therefore necessary to inform local residents, but also to promote and publicize the natural and virtuous Cœur de Kaolin approach. This is why the Cœur de Kaolin system includes the installation of an information sign in the field receiving its products.

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