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Products for professionals: use plant protection products with caution. Read the label and product information before use. 

Baïkal and Sokalciarbo

AGRI SYNERGIE occupies a leading position in the market for natural mineral insect repellent barriers thanks to its Coeur de Kaolin system.
The products at the heart of this system are marketed under the BAÏKAL and SOKALCIARBO® brands (AMM n° 2100038).

They are not toxicologically classified, they can be used in Organic Agriculture and are listed in the Bio-control products. They are approved for use on many crops and against many pests.

These products create a white physical mineral barrier between pests and plants. The action is both visual by changing the colour of the plant and making identification by the pest difficult, and mechanical by hindering the pests in their movements, feeding and egg-laying.

BAIKAL AND SOKALCIARBO are made of wettable powder of intense whiteness and extreme fineness.

High temperature drying in the last phases of the manufacturing process, kaolin changes from a crystalline to an amorphous structure and become anhydrous. This stage of the process increases the product’s resistance to leaching, while allowing photosynthetic light waves to pass through. It also becomes miscible with all other products during field spraying, as it becomes totally chemically inert.

The products have an interesting side effect for the plant, as they attenuate thermal shocks when they are present on the plant. In conditions of high heat and intense sunshine, they help to reduce sunburn by limiting the passage of U.V. and I.R. rays, which are responsible for damage to cellular compounds and the heating of organs.

Control of Green Grape Leafhopper

Baikal and Sokalciarbo products were last approved for use in December 2016. It concerns the protection of vines and corresponds to the use of grapevine leafhopper.

For more information, you can watch our general presentation video or refer to the Baikal product sheet.

Watch the video
Baïkal product sheet

A wide range of approvals

The products of the Coeur de Kaolin device, BAIKAL and SOKALCIARBO, have numerous registrations against key pests in arboriculture: pear psylla, walnut sod fly, olive fly, pome and stone fruit aphids and citrus leafhoppers.

Control of the vector of lavender and lavandin dieback

For this type of crops, the products of the Coeur de Kaolin system are used to control the leafhopper, vector of a disease caused by Stolbur phytoplasma, which can lead to the decline of lavender and lavandin in a few seasons



Agri Synergie offers a wide range of conventional and organic fertilizers and soil improvers that provide the mineral elements necessary for crop development. These diversified solutions make it possible to ensure yield and quality, depending on production conditions: soil quality, climate, water supply, genetic potential of crops, farming systems, etc

Basic and organic mineral amendments improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils.
Basic mineral amendments maintain soil pH and structure the clay-humus complex. In this respect, they help to maintain good soil porosity, which is favourable for the oxygenation of the environment and the proper functioning of useful micro-organisms. They thus guarantee optimal assimilation of mineral elements by the root system.

Organic amendments help to maintain the level of organic matter in the soil and the humus rate. Humus also ensures the proper functioning of the soil: its structure, its water retention capacity, its biological activity.

Caring for the soil means allowing the crop to express its full potential in terms of yield and quality.

The raw basic mineral amendments proposed by Agri Synergie are available in powder or compacted form, with “root-rendered” solutions. Organic soil improvers come in the form of pellets.

Organic and organo-mineral fertilizers are characterized by a progressive release of mineral elements. Their stimulating action on soil life ensures complete and balanced nutrition of crops throughout their vegetative cycle. Agri Synergie offers two product forms in these ranges, to ensure a great flexibility of use: spherical granules and pellets.

Some products are dedicated to organic farming with formulations composed strictly of raw materials of natural mineral, animal or vegetable origin. Organo-minerals are intended for conventional agriculture with often higher mineral element richness.

An original solution of liquid organo-mineral fertilizer is also offered for coating seeds.

Agri Synergie’s NPK specialties (compacted fertilizers) have a stimulating action on the biological activity of the soil, because most of them are derived from by-products of the sugar industry in particular (e.g. ammoniacal, potassium and organic vinasse). They improve nutrient efficiency by stimulating the soil’s mineralizing flora.

(This logic of incorporating materials of agronomic interest from other industries, even in mineral fertilizer ranges, is a leitmotif for Agri Synergie, in order to optimize resources and diversify inputs).

The Azomer range, based on calcium of marine origin and beet vinasse, provides major mineral elements, calcium and trace elements, for a surface pH effect and a reinforcement of the saturation rate of the clay-humic complex.

Foliar fertilizers are particularly useful in certain pedoclimatic situations that are limiting for the plant.

Depending on their formulation, each of them can be used to correct deficiencies, stimulate growth or to overcome “critical” phases of crop development linked to various stresses (drought, hydromorphy, frost, hail, induced deficiencies, etc.).

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